Home Additions/Extensions/Dormers

Home addition plans are very resourceful option with many homeowners. Adding on to your current space is often a more economical option than selling your home in order to obtain a bigger house. For the homeowner that finds moving not an option, due to the sentimental value, as well as years of memories held by your home, adding on to your current home will allow you to keep the home you love, and maximizing the space for your changing needs of your family.

There are many design options available for those wanting to add on to their home. Depending on the amount of property, and the existing size of your home you can choose to add on either horizontally, or vertically.

When creating your new addition floor plan, you can simply make a room larger, or have the option to create an entire floor which could accommodate several rooms, bathrooms, and anything needed to add to make your home as comfortable as possible. The additions can be made within your home, or you can always chose to add an outside option such as a deck, or porch.

Another great advantage to adding on to your current home, is the cost factor. As building costs and materials constantly increase you will find that it is less expensive to add an addition on to your home, as opposed to construct a new home from scratch, or moving to another home with more space.   If your current floor plan allows, more and more homeowners are choosing this as a more economical option.

We can offer you ideas on the following types of additions to your current home: