Water and Mold Restoration

Residences and businesses can be devastated by water damage. There are many factors which can contribute to a water problem including plumbing failures, leaking roof, exterior pipe breakage, heavy snow or rain, or overflow of common appliances. It is imperative that if any of this occurs causing water damage to a contained area that you act very quickly in order to limit your damage. Untreated water damage to your home or business can lead to mold growth in as little as 48 hours, and can cause potential structural damage. Early action and proper restoration can limit your damage significantly. Several drying techniques including the usage of special equipment such as heaters, fans, injection systems and dehumidifiers would be used to limit growth of mold.

Microscopic mold spores are naturally present indoors, and outdoors, often not visible to the untrained eye. When mold is exposed to water and humidity it will cause a more rapid growth. Mold can contribute to a vast number of health problems if left untreated. There are many health problems that can be associated with the presence of mold including upper respiratory problems, asthma, bronchitis, allergies, and sinus congestion. The air quality may also be compromised if mold is left untreated.
Upon the onset of water damage to your property it is so important to take the proper steps in order to contain, and prevent further growth.

Our trained professionals will take the following steps to ensure for proper remediation:

  1. Identify and correct the source of the water problem
  2. Remove all water saturated items.
  3. Seal off area of contamination, to prevent spread of mold.
  4. Clean and sand growth on surfaces.
  5. Dry, filter and fumigate contaminated areas.
  6. Inspect and monitor.
  7. Detailed report.
  8. Rebuild if necessary.